Realm will soon close the gate and stop free shell service operation.
Final closing date is not settled yet.


Two years ago I had a dream to create a free, non-commercial and open association, that could provide educative and practical resources to Microsoft infected Internet generation. I want to give my users a chance, to try and learn some other, shell enabled systems, that could operate more stable on higher security level then other OS'es. Users would have a possibility to feel and compare the differences, to be able to make better professional decisions in future, improving the Internet quality in general.

As a grown up person, working almost 10 years in the branch, I did it. My dream came thorough.
About 10.000 users on 3 servers. Linux, OpenVMS, FreeBSD at your service.
More than 2 million hits on the web page per month. Lot of satisfied users with personal home pages, MySQL accounts, running irc bots, compilers, read documentation etc. all for FREE.

After one year operation, I found that it was not good what I did. The reality was far bellow of the expectations.

From other side abuse is the only word that can describe what users did:

As a result:

...just for a dream, that maybe just few of you, from my generation can understand.

Maybe half of the usernames have some kind of killer, death, dark, black attributes. What soul this generation has? Where are the white angels, the brave ones? I made my servers for them... I want to co-operate with those guys and I do not give any support for decadence, malicious activity and personal disaster. There is no excuse for under-education and ignorance.  There is just one from 1000 that could measure up, but for them the system was overloaded with "idle" processes.

This is selfish and decadent generation that does not deserve to have such a service. At least not from me.

To be honest, I am shame what I did.
I ask all positive attitude user's apologies.

Z the root
Wed Oct 3 22:44:47 CEST 2001

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